How To Start a Digital Marketing Agency in 2023?

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How to start a Digital Marketing Agency in 2023?

Hey folks!! so you decided to start your digital marketing agency in 2023? I know the answer is probably “YES” because that is the only reason why you are reading my blog post.

Starting a digital marketing agency is a good decision but you have to know the fact that starting a digital marketing agency and running a digital marketing agency are two different things.

But that does not mean I am trying to demotivate you, infract I am trying to do the opposite .

In today’s blog post I will share you my personal experience about how you should run your digital marketing agency.

For those who don’t know, I run a digital marketing company known as Digital Monkey, it’s not that big or I should say it’s not that famous, but yes we rank no.1 at Google search for the keyword “Digital Monkey”.

Enough talk about my digital marketing agency, now let’s get back to our today’s topic, so in today’s blog we will talk about how you can start your digital marketing agency from scratch with minium cost, so let’s begin.

How to start a Digital Marketing Agency?

Okay, now you have decided that you have to start your own digital marketing agency, but you’re clueless from where and how to start your agency, what are the minimum bare things you require to start your agency.

Before I move forward, I want you to list down your strength and weaknesses, you might wonder why on earth do we need to write your strength and weakness in order to start your digital business? well I know that sound complicating, but there is a solid reason behind it.

List down your all strength and weakness

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Whenever you start any business whether it’s any kind online business like running an internet marketing company or running a offline business such as a hotel or restaurant, you should be aware of your strengths and your weakness.

Because once you know what are the things in which you are good at and what are the things in which you really suck at.

Know your potential customers

Before diving in and establishing your own internet marketing company, you should decide who your potential customer would be, are you going to serve big corporation or you will serve new startups or you are going to serve small business from your own town or city.

Now you know your potential customers, so now let’s talk what are the bare minimum amount of resource you need in order to start your internet marketing business.

Bare minimum requirements to start your internet business

I know you are starting a business which is entirely new for most of you and you don’t want or you don’t have much resources ( capital ) to invest in order to start your internet buisness.

Even I was worried 2 years back and that’s why, I will share you my approach which helped me to start my internet marketing business at bare minium cost.

So now let’s list down the basic requirments for starting an Internet marketing company.

1 Get your own website

Having your own website is mandatory if you want to start your own digital marketing agency and you know the reason why, and in case you son’t know the reason why let me help you to know the reason.

You are running an Internet business, which clearly means you need a internet or digital presense and if you won’t have a website then how would you convince your clients that you are a digital marketing agency.

2 Pool of talented peoples

Well this is not a bare minimum requirement but if you have a team of talented people then it’s a advanatgeous for you, but that doesn’t mean that you can not start your agency if you don’t have a team at the begening.

I started in the same way, i built the website by myself, did the SEO and did everything by myself, however you should have the right skill so you can serve your clients .

That’s it! yes that’s it this is the only bare minimum requirment which you need to have in order to start your digital marketing agency.

You don’t need to have a office , ofcourse you can have your own office in future, but at the begening you don’t need to have a fancy office or work place, you can start your business in your bedroom and bang! you are all set to start your internet marketing company.


Starting a internet marketing company is a good decesion but you have to be patience because it takes time grow, you won’t get your first client out of the blue, but if you want to sustain in this business then you have to be patience and have to be creative.

Okay, that’s it for today’s blog, if you have any feedback or suggestion then feel free to reach out to me through mail or you can share your thoughts in comment box.

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