What is SEO? A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

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Do you want to learn about SEO? or do you want to become a SEO expert? but before I teach you how SEO works and all different types of SEO and their use case, let’s quickly understand the meaning of SEO.

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the practice through which you can rank up your website or blog at the top result of search engines.

Before we move forward, this article / blog is the part of our Digital Marketing series and we will continue and cover all topics from this series.

Now you may want to ask, hey!! hukum if SEO is the process of ranking websites, then what’s the difference between SEO and paid advertisement? so I will clear this doubt in a while, but before that I want to discuss about paid advertisement or Pay Per Click (PPC).

What is Pay Per Click- PPC?

Pay Per Click is the method through which companies or brand pay search engines to promote their product or service whenever any user will search anything related to their product or service.

And those companies or brand have to pay certain amount for that, and that amount can vary depends upon the competitions for that keyword.

The above statement is a bit difficult to understand, so I have attached a snippet below which will help you to understand PPC in a better way.

Pay Per Click Snippet for a keyword
Snippet of PPC for a keyword

In the above snippet we can clearly see the all sponsors links, and all of them have used PPC, which mean they are paying Google to rank among the top search results.

Now we know the meaning of PPC, so let;s move back to our main topic and understand the difference between PPC and SEO.

Difference Between PPC and SEO

We know the concept of PPC, so now let’s talk about SEO.

In SEO, instead we paying search engines to rank our website or blog to their pages, we rank our websites by ourselves it means we organically rank our website without paying anything to the search engines.

You optimize your content in such a way that search engines crawl your website content and then rank them.

When someone search for “how to make tea” then they are looking for the recepie, required ingredients, and the process of making it, and if you can create a blog or article which cover all the requires topics and optimize it, then there are chances that you can rank for that keyword.

The fact that you are reading this blog right now is the result of search engine optimization only, me along with my team mates have done all necessary steps so we can rank organically on search engines.

Types of SEO

Now we know the difference between PPC and Search Engine Optimization, so let’s talk about the types of Search Engine Optimization . So now let’s talk about the types of Search Engine Optimization .

There are two types of SEOs are present, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

  • On Page Search Engine Optimization– On page search engine optimization is a practice to rank the websites organically, in this method we write quality content, place metatags, using proper keywords and using high quality pictures in your blog/ website.
  • We perform everything in our own website, we make sure that our reader must have an amazing experience while reading our blogs and articles.
  • The current blog which you are reading is itself an example of on page search engine optimization.
  • To make your reading experience better, we have divided the entire blog in certain sections and then we have divided those sections through different H1,H2 and H3 headings and paragraphs.
  • Using alternative text for images and pictures is also very important for on page SEO, alt text tells the user about the image which you have used, just in case if the image is broken or couldn’t able to load on user’s browser.
  • Off Page Search Engine Optimization – Off page s optimization is the kind optimization happening of off your website.
  • Earning backlinks is a good example of off page optimization.
  • In off page optimization, we make relationship with other content creators / bloggers and ask them to share our content/blog/article on their websites or platform.

The Basics of SEO Marketing: The Complete Breakdown

Now you may ask, hey hukum! now we know what is SEO and it’s types but we still don’t know how I should use it or I should perform it in order to rank my website or my blog.

So now it’s time to breakdown the elements of search engine optimization, and learn how you can apply those techniques and practices to rank your website.

Before moving forward, there is one thing everyone should know and that is ” SEO is a long term game” it means it is not something you can make a change to today and expect to see results tomorrow, no that’s not gonna happen.

You need to invest your time to see the results through SEO.

Now let’s break down the core element of SEO.


You might have heard this, ” Content is king” this famous phrase is said by none other than Bill Gates. He said this in 1996, and it’s still true for today.

You might want to know why, why this phrase is relatable today, and we need to focus on content in order to improve our ranking.

Here is why you should focus on your content.

Content matters because a Google user is happy when he or she found a result which serves their query in the best possible way, they want a result which solve their query for which they searched for.

For example, when you Google ” how to make a website” you might want to look for a best and easy way to develop a website, and for that Google use all its energy ( using different crawlers and alogrothims) to bring the best suitable result for you.

Like any other company, Google wants to serve their customers/ users in the best possible way and for that Google always show the best and fully optimized content at first result page.

Which means if your content is useful for the user and if it is solving their issue, then Google will priortize your content and rank your blog / webiste.

Core elements of content

There are a million ways through which you can create and write your content, here I have shortlisted few of them, which are most crucial at least for me.


Always try to improve the quality of your blogs instaed of quantity. and form quality I mean you have to create content taht will actually solve someone’s problem, it will help you to standout from your competitors and help you to rank easily.


Your intent for writing the content plays a very significant role in ranking your blog/ article because if your intent is just to write blogs and get traffic over it then it might not work in long term.

For being a contet creator your goal or your content should to solve any particular isssue / topic thorugh your blogs or content.


Now we are at the end of our today’s blog, and you might want to ask, hey! hukum, what about the next part of this blog because it’s looks like incomplete blog, well I would say please stay tune, I will public the next part of this blog within next week.

For anyone who want to know how much they should wait to see the results of their SEO practice, then I would say you have to wait atleast for 6 months at minimum to see the results.

With this, let’s end today’s blog, if you have any feedback or suggestion for us then feel free to contact me or share your thoughts in comment box.

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