What is Email Marketing?

Email is one of the oldest form of digital communication and also one of the most effective digital marketing strategies out there.

Indeed there are modern ways through which a business or brand can communicate with their audience or customer, so why we still use it?

In today’s article we are going to discuss about the importance of email marketing and we will discuss some major tools for it.

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What is Email Marketing?

It is an approach through which brands or businesses target their audience by sending them promotional emails.

So the above line is a one line definition of email marketing, so now let’s take a deep dive into this and understand how it

Why Email Marketing?

Let’s talk why we still need to use email marketing, one of the major reason to use email marketing because email marketing has an ROI of $36 for every dollar spent which means if you invest $1 to send a email then the return of your investment will be $36, which is another plus point.

Is Email Marketing Outdated?

I have seen a lot of people saying email marketing is outdated and now a days no one use email marketing to promote their business since there are much better tools are available to replace email marketing and at some extent they are right, there are some few tools and methods which are better than email marketing.

Now let’s have a look to some trends related to email marketing.

Email Stats
Number of Email User Worldwide

The above stats clearly sows that the number of email users are significantly increasing over period of time which means email marketing is not outdated at all, and in my personal opinion it will never outdated.

How To Start Email Marketing?

Now you know what is email marketing and why you should do it and now you may want to know how to start email marketing, what are the tools required to do email marketing, the basic fundamentals of email marketing.

Now I will tell you how you can start doing email marketing using freemium tools, which means you can start email marketing without spending a single penny but before knowing about different tools you should know the basic of email marketing, from the basic I mean how to write a promotional or business email which people like to read or open at least.

Getting Started With Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a marketing strategy used by companies or personal brands in order to achieve their goals and there goals could be anything. For example one can do email marketing to increase brand awareness or do increase their sales, it entirely depends on them.

However one thing which remains common for everyone is, in email marketing business or personal brands send messages to people mass quantities and most of the time it is to generate sales or increase brand awareness.

Promotional Email Screenshot

The above image is a screenshot of my personal email and all those emails are promotional emails sent by different businesses and brands, in fact if you open your email box right now, there’s a good chance that 50% of your messages are email marketing.

The Basic Fundamentals of Email Marketing

Before diving into different strategies and tools you’ll use to build to leverage email marketing, let’s first understand the basic fundamentals of email marketing and this basic fundamentals will help you to run successful email marketing campaigns.

  1. Stay Human– While writing an email, always remember that you are writing the email to a human, so try to interact with them, if possible use their name and let them see the human nature of your brand/ business.
  2. Don’t Click bait- Use attractive email titles but never misguide your customer through attractive click baits. Don’t promise something which you can’t able to deliver.
  3. Don’t Spam– This is one of the most important things to in email marketing, a lot of marketers think email marketing is all about sending emails to customers and in order to do that they continuously send emails to their customers and due to that email system mark their promotional email as spam.
  4. Include CTAs – Don’t forgot to include CTA’s (Call Through Action) at the top and the bottom of your email, landing pages use the same strategy.
  5. Use KISS Method– KISS which is also known as Keep it Short and Simple, it means that you should keep your message short and simple, because no one likes to read a long message especially a long promotional email message.

How Does Email Marketing Works?

Now let’s discuss how email marketing actually work and understand how you can start your first email marketing campaign.

A Email Marketing campaign have three essential elements.

  1. An Email List – This is the one of the most important element of email marketing and without this you can’t run email marketing campaign. An email list is a database of your all potential and existing customers to whom you would send your promotional message through emails.

    There are different ways to build email list and one of the easiest and most effective way is to create lead magnet which means you offer something to your targeted audience such as a coupon code or some free learning material.
  2. An Email Service Provider – An Email service provider which is also known as an email marketing platform is a software which will help you to send to your audience. It will also help you to manage your email list, email subscribers and to design and execute your email marketing campaigns.
  3. Clear Defined Goals– Before running any marketing campaign you need to set a goal, that is why you are doing the campaign at first place, what’s your expectation from your email marketing campaign? Having a clear define goal will help you achieve maximum return.
    Emails can help you to achieve variety of goals

  • Drive Sales– You can use email marketing to increase your sales.
  • Increase Brand Awareness -By sending promotional emails to your audience you can increase brand awareness of your brand.
  • Keep customers engaged – You can remain in touch with your customers by sending them weekly or monthly newsletters.
  • Increase customers loyalty towards your brand– You can send coupons to your customers which will increase loyalty of your customers towards your brand.

Tools For Email Marketing

In order to run email marketing campaign you need to use ceratin tools and those tools will help you to manage your email marketing camapign, from signing up a customer to sending them your promotional emails, those tools will help you in all possible manner.

Depending upon your requirement, you can use paid, free as well as freemium tools to run email marketing campaign.

Here are top three paid and freemium tools which you can use to run your marketing campaign.

Above mention tools are one of the best tools available in market for running email marketing campaign, you can know more about all those mention tools by clicking on them.


Now we are at the end of our blog, I hope this blog is useful for you. If you have any suggestion or feedback for us feel free to conatact us or share your comment below, we would love to hear from you.

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