How to become a Web developer in 2022

So you decided to become a web developer, well first of all I would like to congratulate you on that ūüéČbecause you have taken the very first step.

And now you want certain kind of roadmap or a guidance so you can actually start to learn and acquire the essential skills you need in order to make your career in web development and in today’s blog I will share the complete roadmap for it.

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What is Web Development?

Before we start to discuss how you you can become a web developer, let’s first talk about web development because lot of people don’t know the actual meaning of web development and they believe that being a web developer means they only have to create and manage websites, which is wrong assumption.

Although their assumptions are not entirely wrong, indeed you need to work on creating and maintaining websites, but what they miss is they not only have work on websites but also on web applications.

Definition of Web Development

Now let’s define the meaning of web development, web development is the process of building, creating and maintaining websites and web applications .

The above statement is a one definition of web development, however web development is not as easy as it sounds.

How to become a Web Developer ?

The very first step you need to take in order to make career in web development is to acquire the essential skills and practice those skills and now you may want know what know which kind of skills you need to master or you need to acquire?

But before moving to that part, let’s try to know web development in detail because it is essential for you to know the complete details about web development.

Types of Web Development

Web development can be classified into three ways:

  1. Frontend Development
  2. Backend Development
  3. Full Stack Development

Now we know all three types of web development, let’s discuss all of them one by one.

Frontend Development

The part of the website which user or anyone over the internet interact with is known as the frontend part of website. For example you are reading this blog right now, and viewing the entire website layout and design so that part of website is known as frontend part of a website.

All the pages, posts, header, footer, designs everything which a user see and interact is known as frontend part of website, and the people who maintain and develop frontend part of a website and web application are known as frontend developer.

Frontedn Development Roadmap

The above PDF is a roadmap for frontend development, you can learn all these technologies in order to become a successfull fromtend developer, however you don’t need to learn them all together.

What I meant is you don’t have to master all these technologies at once, you can start with some basic but core technologies in order to start your career as frontend developer.

Core Technologies For Frontend Development

In order to learn frontend development, you need to learn certain technologies / programming languages and they are must to learn, without them it’s almost impossible to make your carrer in frontend devlopment.

The core technologies/ languages are :


HTML stands for Hypter Text Markup Language, it is a markup language languages which is used to design the fronend part of a website and it is the basic building block of any webiste.

You can compare HTML with a human skelton because they both have similar function, just like skelton HTML also give structure to any website.

HTML Code Snippet
HTML Code Snippet


CSS stands for Cascading Styling Sheet, CSS is simply used to design and give beautiful look to any website. Without CSS webiste will not look beautiful or resposnive.

CSS Code Snippet
CSS Code Snippet

The above image is a snippet of CSS, with the help of CSS we can design every element of our website according to us.


It is the programming language ( also known as scripting language) for the web and it can update, manipulate and change both HTML & CSS from a webpage.

Before knowing more about JavaScript let’s know about ECMA script.

  • ECMA is a standrad on which JavaScript is based on.
  • It was created to ensure thyat different documents on JavaScript are actually talking about same language.
  • JavaScript and ECMA script can also used interchangbly.

Where to learn?

Now you know how you have to start and what are the skills you need to acquire to make your carrer in web development and you might be thinking from where I can learn all these technologies and languages.

Well it entirely depends upon you, you can enrol in any institute or you can even learn everything for absolutely free of cost!! but you need to make efforts and more than that you need to practice a lot. If you want to learn for free of cost, then I am providing the links of some helpful webistes and YoutTube channels, you can check them out.


  1. Geeks for Geeks
  2. W3 School
  3. MDN

YouTube Channels

  1. Code With Harry – Language Hindi
  2. Clever Programmer – Language English
  3. Programming With Mosh – Language English


Now we are at the end of our blog, so at the end I would like to say, it doesn’t matter if you are learning from institute or from internet because at oth places you will learn same contnet and it entirely depends upon you becuase it is you who have to practice and improve your skills.

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